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Interactive, per-user analysis and scrutiny of squid proxy log-files  


1. Implemented a suggestion from Lombardo to store domain:user in the rfc931 database field, if using NTLM.

2. Reinstated the patch to squidparse.pl which takes account of NTLM in the first place :-}

3. Added a new "include_domain" parameter in squidalyser.conf to make inclusion of the domain (in domain:user) format an option.


1. Applied Ken Y's patch to squidalyser.pl at line 420:

"I found that I had to change line 420 to:

if ($Q::groups ne '' and $Q::groups ne 'No selected group') {

because the hyperlink from the user name in the sites visited result page doesn't contain any assignment to groups, so it's blank and makes the SQL query invalid if allowed to continue into the body of the if."

2. Applied Neil M's patch to allow squidparse.pl cope with NTLM authentication:

"Just for info, If you use NTLM for Proxy Authentification, the Usernames are logged as 'DOMAIN\USER', If you then import that into the SQL Database and use the squidalyser.pl file from a web browser it falls over when you select that particular user because of the '\'."

I had to hack this a bit to make it work with the usual auth methods *and* NTLM. Please report any problems, I don't use NTLM so haven't tested this as fully as I would like.

3. Final patch from Julian S:

"In the config-file, you write:

# TAG: timeformat
# The timeformat can be either 'UK' or 'US'.
#       UK assumes dd/mm/yy for ambiguous dates.
#       US assumes mm/dd/yy.
# Example:      timeformat UK
timeformat UK

and in the source (at line 65), you write:

        if ($conf{timeoptions} eq 'UK') {
                %time_options = ( UK => 1 );
        } else {
                %time_options = ( UK => 0 );

So either "timeformat" in the config-file should be changed to
"timeoptions" in the source or vice versa.
I changed the source to $conf{timeformat}.


1. Added missing "blue-square.gif" to icons directory.

2. Removed spurious "use DB_File" from wordlist.pl and groupmanage.pl. Thanks to Francesco for the bug report.

3. Released version 0.2.52 to ababa.org.


1. Fixed bug with SQL phrasing when selecting against a hostname. Thanks to Nick for the bug report.

2. Released version 0.2.51 to ababa.org.


1. Added 'fancy graphs' option using GD::Graph.

2. Release version 0.2.5 to ababa.org.


1. Fixed a bug with "ANDing" and "ORing" in SQL queries when querying multiple users and keywords.

2. Warren in Oz sent a patch which significantly improves the performance of squidparse.pl.

3. John A pointed out a bug when using hash-refs with perl v5.6.1. Now fixed.

4. The new group manager feature now allows for quick querying of a group of users.

5. Added pretty eye-candy to the squidalyser screens.

6. Remade the website.

7. Released version 0.2 to ababa.org.


1. Added indexes in the database. Under most circumstances, this leads to faster search times.

2. Included the missing 'dot100k.gif' in the source archive.

3. Amended some inaccuracies in the documentation.

4. Decided that squidparse.pl should always live in /usr/local/squidparse, which means there will always be a 'squidalyser.conf' file in that directory.

5. Amended both scripts to read user-defined variables from squidalyser.conf.

6. Added an 'expire' option to squidalyser.conf, to cause squidparse.pl to expire database records which are out of date. The 'expire' value is set to "n" hours, days or weeks by the user.

7. Added a script 'wordlist.pl' to speed the process of checking for keywords in URLs. Amended search routines to use this list if required.

8. Slight cosmetic changes to the web interface for the scripts.

9. Released version 0.1b to ababa.org.


Released version 0.1a to http://ababa.org/